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80s inspired holographic mobile interface

music player UI

dating site mobile web design


80s bathroom design and elevations


Classroom elevations and visual development


Fusion Lab visual development


A handheld holographic multi-tool and an encrypted keystick


Bus stop key frame


Hatch illustration and modified serif typeface for an in-universe beer ad for “Dunkirk Dunkel.”


Line art and final render for the Nest.


Set dressings and a creepy mural


Floor plans and 3D model for an underground shipping container lair.


Character designs and lineart for Khiya, and rough 3D models for a reservoir keyframe.


Initial designs for The Duck House, a noodle restaurant.


I developed a fake language that will be used extensively throughout the comic. Each character corresponds to a letter in the English alphabet. The letterforms have the ability to adjust based on the shape of adjacent characters (like ligatures) and form interesting text blocks.

You’ll be seeing lots of this.


Layers and layers of megacities fill the airspace. It’s congested.


The city is covered in junk you’d normally overlook. A more realistic 3D style was tested and abandoned for a more traditional illustrative approach.


The Kestrel is a surplus military vehicle that appears prominently in Light Witches. IT’S BIGLY. The first low-poly version was not my favorite, so I redesigned it to be sleeker.


Before I had a coherent script, I knew I wanted a flying truck.