Public secrets from the nation-state of Hope

//// log DF:263 ////
Leaked renders from Monarch’s new OS.


//// log DF:256 ////
Designs we found on an unprotected server for an architectural firm. Based on the amount of tile I bet it’s for somewhere in Upper Hope. I can barely afford a combination kitchen-bathroom, so this makes me really angry that I have to microwave my soup next to my toilet


//// log DF:252 ////
Nothing too notable about these classrooms, except all the renderings we found had a required portrait of the Baron on the front wall. I freaking hate that guy


//// log DF:249 ////
Science labs freak me out. Especially big theatrical ones with huge windows and sneaky people standing behind them. And look at the pipe! Nothing good can come from that pipe


//// log DF:242 ////
Tools of interest


//// log CR:2386 ////
This bus stop used to be really nice before they diverted Upper Hope’s runoff to Old Hope


//// log CR:2354 ////
Dunkirk Dunkel is a bit too heady for my tastes


//// log CR:2347 ////
Nice way to spend an evening


//// log CR:2335 ////
Almost missed my train ugggghhh


//// log DF:237 ////


//// log DF:235 ////


//// log DF:231 ////


//// log DF:229 ////


//// log DF:225 ////


//// log DF:222 ////


//// log DF:219 ////


//// log DF:215 ////


//// log DF:214 ////