The Kestrel

The Kestrel is an amphibious military surplus aircraft owned by Khiya Solas, who we’ll talk about later. Retired a few decades ago (has it been that long?), the ship spends most of its time laying low in the harbor just outside of Hope, a nation-state slowly consuming the sky.

You don’t see many of these today, as it was mostly in use during the early years of the Titan War, which depending on who you ask, is either about spreading political ideologies or the obsession with the valuable mineral discovered beneath the surface during that fun period of terraforming. Oh yeah, you weren’t here for that. We’ll get back to that later too.

The Kestrel has two articulated ion engines and is powered by a kind of fusion technology that I won’t pretend to understand, so don’t even bother asking.

The Main Cabin features bucket seats, air conditioning, and a wireless proximity network connection, which is great if you’re over your minutes and want to check out the latest Hover Derby scores. Directly below the cargo bay sits the 540 cubic meter hangar that can comfortably seat 30 soldiers, though in recent history has mostly been used for contraband. Wanna buy some software?

Matt Wiley